Pre-COVID times, I visited Base Camp Brewing on a few occasions. The brewery’s name describes a home for mountaineers. The brewery itself serves as a kind of home for the neighborhood to gather. It’s one of my favorite breweries in Portland. When you walk in, you can immediately feel the sense of community and casual vibes. The tables inside and out are surrounded by colorful flags and images and, before now, joyous groups of people.

Image from Base Camp Brewing Company website

When I visited, I ordered the seasonal S’mores Stout, which comes embellished with a toasted marshmallow. Arguably, the most enjoyable beer I’ve been served at a brewery. And for sure, one of the tastiest. If that doesn’t convince you to love Base Camp, then I’m sure any of their other delicious brews would satisfy you.

Image from Base Camp Brewing Company website

Unfortunately, Base Camp is temporarily closed, but you can read an update on their plans here. In the future, when they can reopen, I hope to make some regular visits to the taproom. Until then, stay safe and healthy and find ways to support your favorite local spots.

An unfortunate update as of May 24, 2021: Base Camp Brewing has permanently closed its doors. I hope this short post serves as one of the many positive impressions the brewery left on the people of Portland.

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