If you’ve spent time in Washington, then you know the miles and miles of magnificent beauty it holds. If you haven’t, well, my first recommendation is to make your way over there.

Home of the North Cascades, Washington has hundreds of trails to explore. This one, pictured below, is called Skyline Divide.

If I’m transparent, I struggled on this trail. I became exhausted and sick. The photos may portray a beautiful day, but it wasn’t ideal. It was a challenging trail. I like to think of myself at an average skill level, but depending on the time of year and work, I can get out of shape. The advice I’ll give is to do your research and make sure you prepare. Bring lots of water – it’s a very exposed trail!

Despite all that, it was one of the most breathtaking views I’ve seen. The panoramic landscape was worth the struggle to the top.

I won’t provide a step-by-step. You can find that here.

This trail is unforgettable. If you’ve been or if you go, I hope it’s as magical as it was for me (despite the misery on the way up)!

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