I dragged a couple of my friends along with me to Woodland Empire, a local brewery established in 2012. The name is a fun twist on Boise’s nickname, the City of Trees.  Woodland Empire Ale Craft was started by husband and wife team, Rob and Keely Landerman.

Inside the taproom there’s a warm glow from the strings of lights over the bar. On one side of the room you can hear cheers and laughter while small groups play on one of the several pinball machines. Our favorite piece in the room was the bar top, crafted from old doors. This tasting room has plenty of unique details weaving together an entertaining environment.

My friends and I decided to order a flight, grab a box of Trivial Pursuit cards and sit at one of the large wooden tables. It was a fairly quiet night, but more people started to trickle in as time went on. We decided to try a variety of whatever the bartender recommended. Some fan favorites were the Moondog Amber and the Big Sticky Red IPA.

We decided not to eat while we were there, but people were ordering food from Manfred’s right next door and the menu looked great.

We didn’t end up staying for long, but in our short experience we had good beer at fair prices, fun games, and a mellow atmosphere. I wouldn’t hesitate to return on a sunnier day and enjoy their patio.

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