Famously known for their beer (obviously), delectable menu, and events such as Pray for Snow, it’s no surprise 10 Barrel Brewing Co. is a popular destination in downtown Boise. I started this blog to encourage myself to visit new places, but I had to return to an old favorite.

10 Barrel’s roots are in Bend, Oregon where three guys decided to join together and start brewing in 2006. Since then, 10 Barrel has grown and expanded across the West. From Portland, Oregon down to San Diego, California and east to Denver, Colorado, their beer is poured near and far.

An always rotating beer list makes for a unique trip each time we visit. 10 Barrel offers flights of 10 beers and a choice between Series 1 or Series 2. Each has a different selection, but a guaranteed delight whichever path you take. This visit, my friends and I decided upon Series 2. A group favorite was Goggle Tan, an India Red Ale registering at IBU 55 and ABV 5.6%. According to their menu, “as flavorful as it is quaffable, this beer is sure to please those looking for something more than just a hoppy beer”.

Another table favorite was the Boise Pale Ale, which is, as they claim and I can attest to, “a nice balance of hops with just enough body and flavor”. In my opinion, the price, selection, and the wide range of flavor makes the flights worth the purchase.

If you don’t get hooked by the beer alone, the food might reel you in. I won’t write too much about the menu, I’ll just let the food do the talking itself. We had an order of the warm pretzels (one of my favorites) and an order of the sweet potato fries.

10 Barrel offers good food, interesting beers with options for all tastes, and a warm, family-friendly environment. I recommend a visit to anyone who comes through Boise.

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